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The Marbury Group is a media marketing and advertising firm located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In addition to offering creative design and brand strategy services, the Marbury Group gives back to the local community through events such as the city’s annual pheasant hunt, cosponsored by Brett Keisel, and the inaugural edition of the Ultimate Tailgate Challenge for the benefit of a local food bank.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a city revered by sports fan’s for the infamous tailgating scene, held its first ever Ultimate Tailgate Challenge last October, an event cosponsored by local businesses. The challenge was divided into three categories: taste, Pittsburgh style, and creativity, with the best recipe winner taking home a Vintage Gold Grill worth more than $4,000. Despite the festive atmosphere and the spirited competition, the event was held for an important humanitarian cause. The proceeds of the Ultimate Tailgate Challenge resulted in nearly 500 pounds of food being donated to the Greater Washington County Food Bank.