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Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the Marbury Group, a full-service marketing firm, provides services ranging from media planning to audience measurement. One of the Marbury Group’s strengths is its broad client list, which includes national accounts such as Hard Rock Resorts and Palace Resorts. The firm also donates services to non-profits, such as the National Kidney Foundation (NKF).

Kidney disease is a worldwide phenomenon. An estimated 600 million persons have some type of kidney damage. Over the next 10 years, chronic kidney disease is expected to rise by 17%. The disease is treatable, but public knowledge of this illness is low.

The NKF takes part in awareness-raising events, such as World Kidney Day, held annually in March. The day’s events are sponsored by the International Federation of Kidney Foundations (of which NFK is a member) and the International Society of Nephrology.

Commemorating the day is simple. Kidney foundations ask individuals in all walks of life to begin the day by drinking a glass of water. This uncomplicated action reminds people of the importance of healthy kidneys to overall health.